By Greg Hardcastle

My cousin Greg posted this on Facebook and I thought it was an outstanding!


The last 6 months have been.. shall we say.. not quite what most insurance companies would call a “good risk” with the Hardcastle Household. In fact, we blew up the actuarial tables of Geico and gave the lizard a stroke. (You can send get well cards to the Geico Lizard on line.)

Six months ago, I was at a red light with two LUXURY OVERPRICED cars in front of me. It was raining; nighttime; unfamiliar part of town; late to a birthday party and trying to listen to the navigator voice lady on my phone.. who by the way was as hopelessly lost as me. When your navigation voice tells you, “You can’t get there from here”, you KNOW you’re lost!

The light turned green. The two cars in front of me began to move. I took my foot off the brake and began to roll…..slowly…..I looked down for a split second at my map and BAM! My BMW rolled into the back of the brand new Mercedes sedan which then rolled into the back of the brand new Range Rover. OH HAPPY DAY!!
Hardly a scratch to my car but if you SNEEZE and get snot on the bumper of a new Mercedes Sedan, it’s your life savings at risk.

Two weeks later . I stopped at a red light in my BMW, but the F250 extended cab behind me didn’t want to. So he plowed into my back side and pushed the trunk into the back seat, effectively turning my four door into a two door. Both of us used the lizard for insurance so Geico was out no matter what.

Fast forward several months. The car was fixed. I am at my church in the evening up on the roof setting lights for Christmas. Thieves get into my car and drive off. Two days later… Car found… TOTALED in a hit and run that severely damaged another vehicle. The Lizard experiences chest pains, numbness and nausea.

Fast forward a month and my wife is sideswiped entering the freeway in the new replacement car two days off the lot. The Lizard goes into cardiac arrest and is treated for mental anguish.

INSURANCE. By law we are required to have it when interacting with the public on the roads. We need it for our homes. I know that very well from a total loss in 2005 from a fire and the loss of everything but the clothes on our backs. You better have it for your medical expenses for sure, because no matter how young , healthy and well you feel today, time will eventually wear down that body you are living in.

It’s ironic that we spend literally trillions of dollars on insurance and yet we ignore and put at risk the most valuable thing we possess, OUR SOUL. We acquire insurance so that we don’t lose things that are valuable to us, or so we can replace them. Most all of our possessions are replaceable. But if lost the one and only thing we cannot replace or recover is our soul.

The Scripture says, “What does it profit a man if he gain the whole world but lose his soul?” Simply, it profits him nothing. The challenge today is to put life in proper perspective and place in order the things that have value and are NOT replaceable. Beginning with your soul and its condition and relationship with God; and your relationships with family, friends and fellow believers; “things” take a back seat. Insure those relationships by investing and paying the “premium” of time to keep them safe.

Lord, You are my insurance in an unsure world. You know the future and I trust You with it. You are the cheapest, yet most valuable insurance I shall ever possess.

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