Being Overlooked

Many youth pastors and youth leaders can feel the pressures of trying to be noticed among their peers. This goal to become noticed or measured up by a group of inidivuduals can become a daungting task. Sometimes you just do not click with others no matter how hard you try. People often have their own agenda and you just may not be part of it. The truth is difficult to take, but you must let go of trying to seek others approval. It should never be the goal to be noticed and seek fame.


People will naturally notice your talents and abilities when you are doing God’s Kingdom work, but it does not mean you will receive credit or applause. Instead, focus on the ministry God has placed in your heart and move forward with passion. Do not seek approval from others; God’s approval is enough. God has given each person a ministry and places his full confidence in that person’s ability to accomplish it.

You may have great things going, no one may ever really notice or give you credit, but God notices and give you credit. God see’s your full potential and does not expect you to fail. Give your talents and abilities to God knowing it is his opinion that really counts. The Apostle Paul addressed this very issue in Galatians 1:10 when he wrote, “Obviously, I’m not trying to win the approval of people, but of God. If pleasing people were my goal, I would not be Christ’s servant” (NLT). Focusing on pleasing man places our focus on self and we lose godly motives. Our attention cannot be selfless and self-fulfilling at the same time. We cannot serve two god’s, but should commit to The One. Tear down the idol of fame and credit and make it your goal to eagerly persue Kingdom work.

Giving up self is a difficult thing! Everyone wants to be noticed and wants to be valued for their accomplishments. The key to selflessness is to treat every effort as work for the Lord and not for anyone else.

My own desire is not to look to others for their accomplishments, but to look to others for their selflessness. People are not recognized enough for being selfless and leaders should look for selflessness in those they serve with.

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