Catching Up with An Old Friend

Recently, a friend of mine and I were trying to catch up and spend a few brief moments to talk about life and even this blog. It took time on each end to make this meeting happen, but eventually it all came together. After talking to him for a few brief moments, I began to realize how important keeping relationships alive are for all of us. In fact, it inspired this post!

Effort is important to keep connections alive. Normally, we do not lose a connection on purpose. I’m sure you are probably beginning to think about someone you would like to forget, but this is not about them. This content is about those connections you do not want to lose. To keep these people in your life, you must work to keep them there! You cannot allow yourself to sit back and say, “my schedule is too busy.” It is important to make time in your schedule for these people.

These friends are not placed into your life, because you need something from the or they need something from you. They are people you can talk to and be yourself with. You do not have to impress them. You simply relate. Value is received from these connections, however, through providing honesty and clarity. They can help us to relieve stress by talking things out with them. They can help obtain a better handle on your goals through exploring new concepts by-way-of casual conversation.

Work-life balance is key in leadership to maintain a well-balanced leader. Without work-life balance we can become so isolated that we live to work, rather than work to live. Life is complicated, but keeping those important connections in your life is essential to keeping a grasp on reality.

You plan for everything in your life as a busy professional, why not plan to keep good friends in your life?

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