Faith & Hope

A couple years ago I noticed a trend among students who attended my youth ministry. Out of no where they began praying, “Lord I hope,” “God I hope,” or “Jesus I hope.” An example of this could be, “Lord I hope you help my grandma who is sick and needing your strength.

Honestly, I have to admit my first reaction was to correct these students and say, we do not hope when we pray, we expect God to do what we ask. Years later I realized their understanding of faith is in their hope. They trust God will take care of their grandmother. They know God is able, but they just do not presume to think God is their wishing machine. I began to understand their understanding.

They did have faith in God to accomplish the work, but they did not know if it was God’s plan to do as they prayed. This is why they hoped. They hoped God would grant their request. They hoped God would heal those in their family who were sick. They hoped they were granted the strength to make it through the situations they faced. But their hope was not a limiting of faith, but a true understanding of faith.

Real faith puts all trust and all confidence in not only God’s ability to take care of a particular need, but true faith puts trust in God’s divine wisdom to do things in his perfect way. God may chose to act differently in the situation than we ask. God may desire to prove himself another way. God does not turn a def ear, he answers prayers in ways we often do not expect.

I stand knowing that faith is essential in every believers life, but I do now understand the concept of hope and trust in God’s sovereign ability to handle each situation as he deems.

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