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Christina Dingle, Staff Writer

While on a visit to the National Baseball Hall of Fame Museum in Cooperstown, New York, I came across an exhibit which listed the Major League Baseball teams by their franchise net worth. The Yankees were listed as the team with the most net worth and have remained number one consistently over many years. Upon further research, I discovered that the primary contributing factor of their $2.3 billion value is their outstanding Branding. Their brand is not only Nationwide but worldwide. “The Yankees are the one team in baseball that is a powerful brand, virtually all over the planet, It’s a phenomenon.”

Every successful team has a strong brand. Impactful youth groups view themselves as a team this promotes an atmosphere of a community which is important to young people. In a team environment, teammates go through struggles and trials together; they create lasting memories, bonding them together forming a brotherhood providing opportunities for them to have each other’s back. When a young person identifies with a team, they have a sense of social belonging and a self-esteem boost. “Young people need to feel and know that they are not alone and that they are a part of something special.”

Think of your favorite team, what is their name? Does it go with their mission? What are their colors, are they a part of their logo? Do they have a chant that exclaims their purpose? Every successful team has a strong brand. What is your team brand? With your youth group in mind begin to explore the areas that make up your brand.

5 Strong Brand Must Haves

Mission Statement

When writing a mission statement be concise and precise, so your members understand your purpose. It will serve to inform your members of what your group does for them and will help to keep the leaders focused on the objective of the group. Remember to answer these four questions. What do we do? How do we do it? Whom do we it for? What value are we bringing?


A name tells what you are about, names possess meaning and set you apart. Your name should fit your mission statement and state clearly who you are. Our youth group name is Water Walkers taken from Mathew 14 which states by faith we can do the impossible; this is who we are.


A logo is a fun way to highlight your name and characteristics unique to your team. Logos become your team’s symbol which identifies your brand. Let’s use Nike as an example Nike’s logo is the swoosh. It’s a nice clean, simple shape that represents motion and speed.


Every team uses at least one color in their Branding. Colors can enhance logo design and promotional materials. They are useful in building team spirit. Color is a powerful and valuable communication tool. When choosing a color be mindful of your target audience, and the influences colors are tied to, such as religious, cultural, political and social groups.


Chants are a catchy rhythmic way to speak phrases taken from your mission statement. Something team members and fans will like to yell which serves to invite them to express their purpose. Keep your mission statement in mind and create a catchy short chant that will help to unite and excite the youth and those who hear it.


Consider finding or creating a theme song for your group.

When the youth have a brand, they are proud of they will be excited about it. The team becomes their community, and the Brand becomes their identity. With Branding in place, you can begin creating materials to promote your groups such as T-shirts, banners, bumper stickers, websites, social media, and flyers. Every time they see another youth wearing the team logo, on a t-shirt, they will have an instant connection with someone who has shared values. Hit it out of the park with strong branding!


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  1. Very expiring and u reaching kids who is in to baseball and showing them how to use that for God’s glory I’m so happy u my youth pastor u have touched my life in so many ways love u

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