JESUS Viene Pronto

Today, has been an amazing day. I was able to get out of town and visit my uncle and his family. The church service I attended was themed on God’s ability to provide for our needs.

God offers a different standard than the world does. We tend to take in a little bit of the world, when we take ourselfes out of God’s purpose for our lives. We can seek to gain temporal things, rather than things that will last into eternity.

The truth of the world is not the truth of the Gospel. Jesus taught we are to live differently. There is no other way to Heaven – Jesus is “the way the truth and the life” anyone or anything else is offering a lie. Salvation is through Jesus Christ and in Him alone.

We must live like we are different, because we are. It seems like a challenge at times, but “with God all things are possible”!

In all things, we must remember Jesus is coming quickly; let us live differently until His return and pray, “JESUS Come Quickly!”

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