My Big Problem; God’s Small Problem

I have been having vocal issues since I was sick in November. There have been days I have had a voice and others where it is non-existent. They originally thought it was my tonsils because my tonsils were having a lot of issues at the time, then they thought it was a swollen larynx. Neither of these the cause of the issue.

On Thursday I went to a specialist who utilized some rare equipment and other tactics to analyze the situation. During one of the procedures, a very large polyp was discovered on my one side of my vocal chords. This polyp covers a very large portion of the right vocal fold. They believe it is possible that the polyp was caused by excessive coughing when I was sick on November but may have to do surgery and perform a biopsy on it to ensure it is not anything more serious.

To attempt to avoid surgery I am on complete vocal rest for a MINIMUM of three to four weeks at which time they will evaluate and see if there had been any change in the size of the polyp. I have been carrying around a speaker and using a type-to-speech app on my phone to communicate when necessary. In the next couple days they still may decide to schedule a surgery but who knows at this point. Right now I am doing my best to not speak to anyone and not to sing. The latter is the most difficult.

I am asking for prayer because God is the healer. It is God who brings the hope and the joy through all circumstances. I have joy through this trial because I know God is with me and He will enable me to go through this with a supernatural strength. There is nothing I cannot do without God. I may not know the outcome but He does! God is my source and strength. I am not writing this to convince myself because I am convinced to my core because God has proven Himself to me time and time again, but I am writing this to convince all of you!

Please let me know that you are praying by commenting or responding in some way.



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