Popularity and Fame

It is better to be a light than to be popular or seek fame. Lets face it, we all want to be popular. We want to be known by others, whether we are in a small “fish pond” or are swimming in the ocean among the large fish.

Along time ago I learned this valuable lesson: It is more important to live your life to please God than to please man. I have found this to irritate more people than seemingly anything else. Not only do we want to be popular or famous, but others want us to need their opinion or approval as well. People want to have input in the lives of others and they want to have input in your life.

What matters most is God’s input in your life. Others will come and go. Let me be the first to tell you, do not seek out the approval of man. When you begin to please one person, you will fail at pleasing others. You cannot please everyone. God is the only one that truly matters.

When we honor God by our thoughts, we will honor God in our actions. When we study God’s Word, we will begin to live God’s Word and speak God’s Word. The most important thing is to place a heavy burden on studying the scriptures.

If you are a new youth pastor / youth worker or you may have served for years, please take note: to be able to offer your students and others a genuine God, we must have a genuine relationship with God. This comes through devout study of the scriptures. We cannot rely on man’s opinion or approval, but God’s. Man will sway back and forth and his opinion will be in constant flux, but God’s opinion never changes.

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